Success Stories

From Our Clients

Douglas Howell

"[Syntacz is] comprised of highly professional and exceptionally well trained individuals has helped me take my businesses reach to the next level... I have easily saved at least 30+ hours every single week with this autonomous outreach system in place."

Brent Foster

"I started a campaign with [Syntacz] on Linkedin and I could not be happier with what happened. We got started 3-4 months ago... and they have really ramped up the connections on Linkedin and they've had some great conversations."

Josh Tapp

"[Syntacz] has been blowing our minds. I met Connor and I was extremely impressed with their system and how they provide leads for businesses. Within 2 weeks it paid for the service... and 6 weeks later we closed over $80,000 in annual retainers for our clients."

Brett Watts

"[Syntacz] has been absolutely amazing. We have used them for so much over the past year. Anywhere from consulting and coaching to lead generation and making sure our calendars are consistently booked. What's really cool about [Syntacz] strategies is that doesn't require ad spend when you can do a lot of this stuff organically."

Mitch Conquer

"It has been insane since we started working with [Syntacz]. We used Connor's system and ended up buying 4 of them. I don't know if we will ever go back to another way of prospecting... email has been crushing it for us and I truly believe this is the #1 system for email prospecting that I have ever seen."

Chris Canis

"I have been using [Syntacz] as a customer for 6 months now and it has greatly improved my Linkedin connections as far as networking, phone calls and business opportunities. I cannot recommend [Syntacz] enough, they do a great job... if you're looking to up your Linkedin game, I highly recommend Syntacz "

Kevin Rodas

"[Syntacz] is absolutely amazing. They do more than lead generation. Connor himself, I have worked with closely, I can tell you he truly cares about your business and you as a person and always does whatever he can to help you to make sure you are successful. If you are asking me if you should work with them, absolutely 100%."

Josh Sousa

"Connor, great guy, open, and great communicator. Before using [Synatcz] we were spending probably 20-40 hours a week prospecting on my own in my business... we have drastically reduced the time we spend on these prospecting activities. We are increasing our time... and closing deals. This is the future of social selling."

Kelsey O'Neal

"Dr. Connor and Syntacz are fantastic. They have taught me so much... if you are considering working with them I would highly recommend it. Connor 100% knows what he is talking about... and [Syntacz] are really industry leaders in the marketing world. If you're considering bringing them on... I would tell you to go for it and don't hesitate."

Lana Surnina

"I just wanted to say that Connor from Syntacz is a real expert in B2B prospecting and finding new clients for your business. If you are B2B and want to find clients, that's the guy to go to. If you are sitting on the fence I would highly recommend you go and check out [Syntacz]."

Jeremy Gotwals

"My inbox is filled with people who want to have conversations. We have over 70 people ready to book appointments for our company's services. If you're having issues with your prospecting, [Syntacz] are the last word in prospecting, there is nothing else like it."

Christian Boyle

"What can I say... Connor is a unique person and he has helped me quite a bit with prospecting and acquiring new clients for my Social Media Marketing business. His methods are second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Connor to anyone... I'd do it in a heartbeat."

Ryan Stacey

"Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Dr. Connor. Super nice and knowledgeable guy. He has helped me break down the finances in my business and helped me grow month to month. If you're thinking about working with Dr. Connor or Syntacz, I would highly recommend it."

Darius Safavi

"A lot of our expertise that we have developed in this space, is due to have learned from Dr. Connor. Everything we have learned from cold email has come from Connor. If you are considering working with Connor in a Done For You or Coaching capacity, I really recommend him."

Jon Tetlak

"The whole [Synatcz] crew has been nothing short of amazing. They have over-delivered in regards to Linkedin automation that they set up for me. Everything is working as intended and I couldn't be more proud with how it's looking... and allowing me to focus on the business."

Brian Onesto

"Dr. Connor is the man, the myth, the legend for Organic Prospecting. [Connor] has a very specific niche of information for organic prospecting... and it's some of the best I've seen out there."

George Liu

"A year into my business [Connor] has made a huge impact on how I operate and how I think. If you ever have the honour of working alongside him, do it. He is so young yet so knowledgable, wise beyond his years."

Cyle Patnode

"I'm giving a shoutout to Connor and everybody on the Syntacz team for absolutely crushing it for us in the first 60 days. We have signed up 2 retainers... looking at a 30x ROI in the first 2 months"

Faizan Ahmed

"Dr. Connor has completely changed my business. He has automated almost every single part of my business from sales to appointment setting and taking payments. If you're a business owner looking to automate and scale your business, work with Connor you won't regret it."

Kara McMaster

"If you are looking for someone to help fill your calendar, there is no better organization than Syntacz. I know they are the go-to guys for organic prospecting. They have even helped us get around some of those crazy connection limits that Linkedin has put on us."

Ameet Kang

"We had a great experience working with [Synatcz]. The way they laid out their program for increasing our organic outreach. We have learned a lot that we applied directly to our business resulting in us getting more appointments with people we want to speak with."

Josh Gavin

"I have worked with all the best people who teach this stuff, but at the end of the day it's amazing to reach out to Syntacz... and they do it, they show us how to do it, and it works. Syntacz knows the numbers and they focus on results... and they get them for you."

David Fish

"I can't recommend [Syntacz] enough. They have done what I've been looking for. They've built multiple different systems for me to bring in leads. I'm a one-man show so it takes a lot to generate new leads...I am very thankful for [Syntacz]."

Nick Abraham

"[Connor] is an absolute killer in the outbound prospecting game... I hopped on a call with Connor and he was providing insane value and showing where the bottlenecks were in my agency. If you're thinking about joining him at Syntacz... it is an absolute must."

Jordan Hughes

"Dr. Connor is an absolute pillar in our community, giving out tons of value... and doesn't ask for anything in return. He has helped me put systems in to tremendously improve the workflow of prospecting and crafting new angles."

James Manley

"[Syntacz] has been a tremendous help for us for the past couple of weeks. We have been able to book a consistent amount of meetings and bring in a consistent amount of new clients. If anyone is looking for help in the agency space, reach out to Connor Robertson."


"Connor is literally one of the most intelligent, generous, efficiently minded, rockstars I have met in my life. Connor is dedicated and loves helping people grow and be successful. He has helped us put in place a new sales and compensation strategy... in 20 minutes... in a FB chat..."

Lucy Bratten

"Connor was first recommended to me by someone else... throughout the whole process, he was super professional. He knows exactly what he is talking about and I managed to learn so many amazing things I didn't know before. Above anything, he absolutely cares about your campaign and wants you to be successful."

Jordan Hallam

"If you're a business and doing B2B, [Connor] is your guy. He is very methodical and has everything down to a science. When working with [Syntacz], customer service is on point. If you are B2B and looking to get more clients and expand your business, reach out to Connor."

Connor Bell

"When I initially became an agency owner, I needed a way to connect to other owners... Connor showed me an extremely effective system that he put together. It is very very effective in building B2B relationships and getting new business, partnerships, collaborations, sponsorships."

Philip Varghese

"I have been working with Dr. Connor for the last 2 years. He has helped me in a lot of different areas... helped us set up a whole business development marketing system. For me leading a company, he is a great person to work with, in terms of managing projects, and giving me advice."

Doug Raible

"[Syntacz] is insanely helpful for my businesses. They have had the best communication out of any vendor I have worked with. They have also helped me out a lot with my efficiencies on managing my business and marketing strategies putting everything on autopilot."

Steven Kuhn

"I have worked with Dr. Connor and Syntacz for the last 6 months. The most attractive thing was that I didn't need to make a huge investment to get started. I worked with Connor and in days, I had to turn it off because there were too many leads coming in... and I am not joking."

Josh Helm

"Connor has helped me tremendously in my life with business and personal growth and development. Connor is exceptional at creating leads and creating content. He is an incredible guy to have on your team. He gets things done, and is really good at cutting through the B.S. and getting you to your ultimate goals."

Bassal Malick

[Syntacz] is doing an amazing job at B2B lead generation especially when it comes to Linkedin. I thought this was going to be easy doing it myself... I wasn't getting any results so I got into contact with [Syntacz] and see what they can do for me. Some things are better left to the experts - Connor and his team are the experts."

Jesse Danku

"Syntacz is a fantastic company that we have been working with for the past couple of months and we have already had so much value working with them. If you're looking to scale your company and get more clients, go to and book a call."

Alissa Theodor

"Working with Connor has been such a delightful experience. Connor has been my right-hand man when it comes to web development. As a small business owner of a web design company, I needed someone who was responsive and knowledgeable... Connor is that person."

Alex Dennery

"The results have spoken for themself. I have been working with [Syntacz] for the past 6 months After that, which has really helped propel the growth and momentum of my business because all I had to do was answer the phone and close deals..."

Nick Korom

"Dr. Connor Robertson is a fantastic person to have on your team if you're interested in lead generation for your business. Dr. Connor is a freaking genius. His insight is extremely valuable... this has been a match made in heaven."

Mike DeBole

"If you need business funding if you need help finding qualified new patients in your office, if you need to scale your business, please talk to Connor. He has helped me out tremendously this past year. He helped me from just started out to over 100 visits a month in 3 months. "

Keithen Lewis

"From the first couple of interactions [with Syntacz], nobody has been more professional, more helpful. The automation they use to book your appointments is unmatched for an extremely low price. On top of that, he has one of the best podcasts in the game..."

Jason James

"You want to get your calendar filled? You want to make sure you're scaling? Just go with Syntacz. Connor and Keith are the best in the industry. These guys are going above and beyond in ways I have never seen in the industry. Do the responsible thing and sign up with Syntacz and your life is going to improve."

Joe Lemon

"[Syntacz] has been extremely helpful to me and my time about finding innovative ways to find and connect with people on LinkedIn as well as connecting us with Virtual Assistants to maximize our time and get new leads."

Duncan Brown

"The service that [Syntacz] offers for lead generation is second to none. I am just starting outbound sales with the startup that I work at, and [Connor] has provided me with a clear strategy and executable points that I can take and are shown to work. I highly recommend Syntacz."


"Every week hopping on calls with these guys, explaining the system, and building a truly automated, business generation system. Not only was I able to get some business and some appointments but I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel with using their systems."


"[Connor] has been helping me out tremendously in my sales process from setting my agenda to taking authority of the call, leading my prospects down the straight line and ultimately getting the great close."

Yonden Sherpa

"I highly suggest you reach out to [Connor & Syntacz] if you want high-level prospecting and B2B lead generation services via Linkedin. He has done a tremendous amount of work... I highly highly suggest him."

Nigel Harman

"[Connor] has done a few coaching calls with us at 7FA and we always find him useful here at my company. If you're thinking about working with him, do not hesitate - he knows his stuff."

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